Be “in the know” and share your favourite moments throughout the conference with the Conference News & Social Feed. 

Simply select the Conference News and & Social Feed from the main menu to begin and discover a selection of conference news and social media feeds from Facebook, Twitter, and your fellow Conference Delegates.

Join the conversation by writing on our Facebook page or using the hashtag #OPAConference17 on Twitter. 

If you prefer to skip Social Media altogether and still want to join in the fun, select the pen and pad in the upper-right corner of the page and begin writing your comment, followed-by selecting the Post option on the upper-right corner when you choose to send your comment.

You also have the option to comment directly from any active presentation or event by selecting the Sessions or Personal Programme tab from the main menu, and scrolling through the options to select the current session you are currently attending. 

After selecting the correct session, scroll to the bottom of the page and tap on the space with the words “What’s on your mind?”, under the Conference News & Social Feeds subheading. You will then be provided the option to write your comment, and the option to hit Post on the upper-right corner after writing-out your comment.